Wednesday, January 5, 2005

We're at Disney World!

We're parked in Disney's own campground, "Fort Wilderness." As far as commercial campgrounds go, this is about the nicest we've ever seen. The real benefit, though, is that it counts as a "Disney Resort," meaning we get extended hours at the parks, and access to Disney's transportation system.

We spent yesterday at the Magic Kingdom. It was nice, but, honestly, I prefer the original DisneyLand in California. Today we relaxed in camp, and rented speedboats to tour around Bay Lake (one of Disney's private lakes within the complex). Tonight we will have dinner at a highly recommended restaurant, "Aurthur's 27", in the Wyndham Hotel (also on the property), after which we will take in some of the clubs on Pleasure Island. Tomorrow we'll be at EPCOT center, and Friday we have tickets for the behind-the-scenes tour of the Magic Kingdom, after which we will probably head over to MGM Studios. We're here until Saturday morning.

We have no plan whatsoever after leaving Disney until President's Day, when we need to be in Death Valley.

Most of the Disney resort properties appear to be rather empty, yet Fort Wilderness is pretty full. There are quite a few foreign tourists here, judging by the languages we've heard spoken. As usual, Odyssey is attracting a good bit of attention, sometimes much to our annoyance.

I've been struggling for a few days to move over to a new computer, as my old one is on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately, we now have only two fully functional computers on board, and one of them needs to be the server for the satellite connection. I drew the short straw, so I'm chained to the modems with old-fashioned wires (gasp) until I can repair the server. With luck, all it will need is a new hard drive, and I have a spare back in San Jose that I can swap in after Death Valley. Until then, I have to type over here on the sofa, rather than in my comfy swivel chair.

As soon as I have some idea of where we will be heading next, I'll post it here. Also, I have some more pictures to upload to the photo site when I get a chance.

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