Thursday, January 13, 2005

We're at the Wal-Mart in Panama City. We had planned to be camped tonight on the gulf coast, somewhere between here and Pensacola, as there are several nice parks along the route that looked good to us. Unfortunately, while driving through town here we took yet another rock to our windshield. Heartbreaking, considering the windshield was just replaced in November at a cost of over $3K.

Mindful of our last rock chip experience, where a minor (so we thought) chip turned into a windshield-eating crack in the span of only a day, we stopped immediately and called a local glass repair shop. They were able to get us right in, but the technician was out on a field call, and the repair ultimately had us there until after sundown. So we did some needed shopping at Home Depot, had a nice dinner at Olive Garden, and parked here for the night. With any luck, the chip repair will hold fast, and we will not see any further spreading this time.

Tomorrow we will head west into Alabama.

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