Saturday, February 12, 2005

Today we drove through Lake Havasu City and stopped to see London Bridge. The whole affair is a cheesy tourist trap, which, of course, was McCulloch's goal. The weather was perfect today, though, and we saw some great scenery along our route.

When we hit I-40, we jogged west to Topock, hoping to head north on AZ-95 along the river. However, the road was posted "closed" as it was awash just past the Topock marina, so we had to get back on 40 west, into California, and up to Needles, where we were able to re-cross the river and resume our route on AZ-95.

After driving through Bullhead City, we took the turnoff toward Davis Dam. The dam itself is now closed to traffic, I assume due to security concerns. From the dam road, we turned north into Lake Mead National Recreation Area and a park service campground on Lake Mohave called Katherine Landing (map). There is a "resort" here that appears to date from the 50's, when the lake was created. The park service took over in 1964, and the resort is run as a concession. We are in an actual park service camp site, however. From here, we have a lovely view of the river and the Newberry Mountains on the other side, in Nevada. As I type, we are enjoying a nice sunset over said mountains.

Tomorrow we will head east on 68 to US-93, which will take us north over Hoover Dam. Soon, Hoover Dam will also be bypassed by a new bridge just south of the dam, and the dam will be closed to through traffic. I don't really know why, but something motivates me to cross the dam in Odyssey before the opportunity is gone. Of course, we will be subject to security inspection, and there exists a (very remote) possibility that we will have to backtrack to Bullhead city and cross the river at Laughlin. Assuming we cross without problems, we may stop in at the visitor center there. I understand the lake level is at a historic low, so I am interested in how the view will differ from my previous visits over the last 30 or so years.

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  1. Yall are a real inspiration. I admire the commitment to your dream. People like you make the world a better place to live in. bless you. Cheers Rev. Worthington


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