Thursday, April 28, 2005

We are at the Wal-Mart in Scottsdale (map).

This seems to be a popular waystation -- there were at least five other rigs here, as well as three tractor-trailers. It's really nice of Wal-Mart to allow weary travelers to stop in their parking lot for the night.

Of course, there are always those few who abuse the privilege, thus jeopardizing these sorts of opportunities for everyone. Case in point is the couple in the Fleetwood Discovery that was here when we arrived last night. These folks had both their slide-outs extended, their awning deployed, and their lawn chairs out, as if they were in a campground. To top it off, they weren't even here -- they were off someplace in their toad, which they later parked alonside their "patio," thus taking up a full seven spaces in this parking lot. They're all packed up and ready to leave now, so we missed our opportunity to slip this (PDF - requires Acrobat) under their wiper. I also missed my chance to snap a photo of their "camp" before they tore down -- it was quite unbelieveable, and I wanted to post it here.

We had a lovely drive down from Sedona yesterday. While a good chunk of the drive was on I-17, it was still quite scenic coming through the mountains. We also stopped at Montezuma Castle National Monument, an exceptionally well-preserved example of ancient Puebloan ruins that happens to be quite close to the interstate.

We managed to get the dog in to the vet for her vaccination updates last night, so all the pets are now current and we can drop them at the kennel later today. Aside from the kennel, our agenda today is to pack for Mexico, get Odyssey parked and secured for a week by herself, and arrange transportation to the airport. I may get one more chance to update the blog, but maybe not, in which case this will be my last post until we return.

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