Thursday, August 18, 2005

Today is the last day of the FMCA rally in Minot, ND. It's been a really good rally for us: we've met many nice people (most of whom stopped by to gawk at Odyssey), purchased some needed RV accessories, and even learned a few things at the seminars.

Tomorrow, or possibly even tonight, we should be back on-line through our satellite setup. Because our current satellite is SAT MEX5, we have not been able to connect this far north for almost two weeks. Today we sealed the deal with a new internet provider, switched satellites to one that covers further north, and upgraded our equipment. FMCA and the vendor "Coach Connect" has a wifi hotspot set up here in the exhibit hall, but I'm looking forward to blogging and emailing from home again.


  1. I just found this google maps hack that lists RV friendly WiFi spots around the country... who knows, maybe you will find it of use if your system is ever down again:


  2. Thanks, Ben. We're on-line with our new setup now, but you never know when something will break...


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