Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Settling In

After working here only three full days, we are definitely not considered newcomers anymore. I have already trained two people in my area, and Sean is fully immersed in problem solving. The 11 hour days go by quickly, and we are tired and sore at the end.

We have met quite a number of other DOVEs here. Monday evening, we went out to dinner at a local Cajun restaurant with a group of five others. It was just like old times in Silicon Valley...talking shop and cracking jokes and overeating, but with the added twist that instead of griping about real estate prices, we swapped tips on RV living in Red Cross parking lots. We learned that there is a service that will come out and pump our holding tanks for free.

Our presence in the truck parking lot has already foiled one dastardly crime. After dinner, we heard voices outside and looked out to see an Acura parked between the two 24 ft. Budget rental trucks to our left (Budget, Ryder, and Enterprise have all donated trucks.) Two young men got out, and positioned themselves in a familiar way facing a truck. Sean immediately shouted out the window, "Put it back in your pants, and hit the road NOW or we're calling the cops!" They zipped up in a hurry and took off. Why on earth anyone would pee on a truck in a suburban mall parking lot is beyond me, but at least we saved some other RC volunteer from an "ew, ick" moment.

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