Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pismo Beach -- Home of the Pismo Clam

We are at Pismo State Beach (map).

Regarding the "map" links I have been posting here in the blog, I received the following comment:

Sean-- is it just me, or has anyone else commented that the map links are not working? Clicking on the link takes me to a Mapquest page, with map coordinates displayed, and the border for the map, but nothing appears in the actual map space. Tried it with AOL/IE and with Firefox, with same results. Just curious.

As it happens, I have recently been having the same trouble when I test the links. I'm not sure why this is happening, as the links are correct (and the same style I have been using here all along). If one simply hits "refresh" after the page loads, it does load the correct map. Also, subsequent map loads work fine. So there is something funny going on with MapQuest. Complaining to them will do no good, of course, since the lat/long maps are an unadvertised feature. If any of our good readers out there has a fix for this, please send it to me. In the meantime, if you want to see where we are in any of these posts, just hit your browser's reload button when you are on the map page.

Pismo beach happens to be about the halfway point between Santa Clarita and San Jose on our route, which is the more interesting US101 (versus the more direct I-5).

We are right next door to Grover Beach, a town where we now know the mayor, since he was a volunteer in our department at the Red Cross. Unfortunately, we have no way to reach him, since we don't have his number. (Hello Steve! Email us sometime, so we can catch you on our next visit.)

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  1. George (Tioga RV) uses MapQuest maps on all his posts - you might check with him to see what is going on with your link. Why not use the DataStorm map?

    Just found your site (we're across the bay in Fremont at my sister's) and looks like some good reading. :)


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