Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Eat at Howard's

Well, we were able to sleep last night after all. The nice folks at Howard's Pub and Raw Bar graciously allowed us to spend the night in their parking lot (map). The food was also quite tasty, and the menu is large and varied. Also, they have over 200 different beers, with about a dozen on tap.

I know a lot of RV'ers read this blog, so let me just note here that you should probably not count on the same treatment -- I would venture a guess that we are the first to do this. As we drove up to the restaurant and backed in to the lot (a gravel strip adjacent to highway 12), some of the staff had come out onto the steps to watch us. As we walked up, they allowed that they were wondering if they were getting a whole busload, or just the two of us. We engaged in some small talk about Odyssey, which gave us a perfect opportunity to "pop the question," so to speak.

Of course, the folks who had come outside could not answer us, but they took our calling card in to the manager, who gave us his permission. A big relief, since, not only did we not have to fudge the NPS parking policy, but also, I could indulge in a couple beers from the extensive list.

It turned out to be quiet and serene, as we are at the far end of town, just next to the national seashore, and it is really off-off season here. The bar itself was down to its last few patrons when we walked out around 9, though the place looks as if it gets packed to the gills and parties into the wee hours in the tourist season.

In a few moments, we will begin packing up to head back over to the ferry landing for our 10:00 ferry (we have to be at the gates before 9:30 latest). The ferry ride is two and a quarter hours, and we are very much looking forward to it on this sunny and pleasant morning.

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