Saturday, February 4, 2006

More suburban stealth camping

We are at the Wal-Mart in Wilmington, NC (map). We had planned to be all the way through Wilmington, but we got a very late start yesterday.

Since we were on a roll with the projects, I spent yesterday morning installing mounting hooks in the cockpit for the defibrillator, then pressure-washing the coach. It was already early afternoon by the time that was done, and the pressure washing used up the last little bit of water we had in the tanks. The water was off at the dump station, so we had to move Odyssey to a different campsite to fill the tank from one of the handful of freeze-protected hydrants. A stop at the dump station took us right up to the 2pm checkout time.

We had a pleasant drive south, including passing through Camp Lejeune, the USMC base. I think our approach to the sentry post alarmed the MPs, as one slung his automatic rifle before coming out to speak with us. Through traffic on state highway 172 is permitted, though, so they waved us through.

As we rolled into Wilmington, the thought of a pleasant restaurant meal drew us here to Wal-Mart for the night. We had our choice among Outback, Carraba's, O'Charley's, and three or four other sit-down places. I made steak Thursday, so we headed for Carraba's, which, ironically, is owned by Outback.

This morning we've been taking care of some business and making phone calls, so it looks like another late start, but we should be heading out in the next hour.

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