Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Drying out behind Lowe's

I am in the parking lot behind a small strip shopping center, adjacent to Lowe's (map). Normally, I would prefer to park in Lowe's parking area, so that I could secure specific permission from the store. However, the only lot is in the front of the store, and it's a bit exposed (the area behind the Lowe's is a loading zone).

Fortunately, Lowe's shares this parcel with a small strip mall, and its shallower depth leaves plenty of parking in back, which is mostly unused. The area that I am in also happens to be behind a vacant store. The down side of this sort of situation is that, as a general-use complex, there is no specific tenant from whom to secure parking permission. The flip side of that coin, though, is that none of the tenants is in enough control of the premises to make an issue of it, absent any security service acting on behalf of the landlord (I haven't seen any).

This is a great location, for several reasons. First, of course, is that Lowe's is close at hand -- I've been in there several times already picking up project parts. Second is that there is an Albertson's grocery store in the complex, and I've already been in there for supplies. Third is that the rear lot is discreet, quiet, and unseen from the street or from the main parking areas -- I have had minimal looky-loos driving by. The back fence overlooks a creek, so there are no businesses immediately behind me. And lastly, should I tire of plowing through the pile of leftovers I have in the fridge, there are several restaurant options within half a block, including a Texas Land and Cattle steakhouse, a Chili's, a Rockfish Grill, a Texadelphia, and even a sushi place and a Krispy-Kreme. And, of course, Albertson's, which has hot cooked items in the service deli.

When I took Louise to the airport, it was pouring rain, as it had been for several hours and continued to be for several hours more. I learned today that Austin received a record amount of rainfall on Monday, 3.21 inches. So it was little wonder that all of our usual leaks came into play with a vengeance. One of the first things I did when I arrived here from the airport was to buy a sheet of 1-mil clear plastic (sold as painter's drop cloths) and tape it over the upper windshield and front cap, to try to stem the tide. I will have to remove it before I move the coach, but I am leaving it there until the last moment, as I understand more rain is in the forecast. It's been mostly pleasant and dry since Tuesday morning, but Odyssey is still drying out from the deluge.

I'm now pretty certain that the leaks are all attributable to the bad glue-in job that our original glazing contractor did (Speedy Auto Glass, by the way, in case you are wondering whom to avoid). I'm not quite sure how to fix it, though. To glue the window in properly would first mean removing it, and that's a very dicey proposition -- I would give even odds on it breaking. Without a spare waiting in the wings (they are on three-month lead from Germany, $1,500 each), we can't really chance it. So I am left with noodling through how to seal around it in some fashion, without pulling it out. I'm running out of ideas, and patience -- I've got a roll of black duct tape, and the temptation to just tape around the damn thing grows daily.


  1. NOOOOoooo, not DUCT TAPE! :)

    Well, maybe just temporarily, but being the master you are you'll figure something out...

  2. Hey Sean is there on rubber on the window? could you not use silicon. I doubt the duct tape will last long ....I know it's 200 MPH tape but that's just for 1 race.

  3. Interesting water conservation idea - not seen in your build pages. Any chance of updates and lessons learnt appearing in the build section someday?

  4. 3M Windo-Weld looks much better than the trusty old duct tape. Pry the rubber away from the outside of the glass, clean out the old sealant if possible, lay in a bead of the fresh stuff and press the rubber back down. After it cures, trim off the excess. 'Works for me.

    TWO Ron Walkers? Gasp!


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