Sunday, March 5, 2006

Just like home -- Baton Rouge

We are once again in Baton Rouge, stationed at a Red Cross logistics warehouse that is serving as the technology service center. Once again, I am not posting our exact location either here or on the DataStorm site. In contrast to our previous digs, we have access to a 20-amp electrical outlet here.

We arrived Friday afternoon and got signed in, and by Saturday morning I was already out in the field, moving phone lines around in a warehouse in Reserve. We are really here, though, because the entire operation will be moving (again) into a different HQ this week, and moves need an all-hands effort. We will be here for about a week, just enough to help move and maybe a few other things,, before family commitments have us en route to Houston.

It feels almost like coming home. Part of that is because we do feel a sense of family with the Red Cross, and part is that, having spent ten weeks here, Baton Rouge is the single place where we have spent the most time since we hit the road in Odyssey 18 months ago.

I suspect, now that we are working full hours, that I will not be updating the blog much until we leave here.

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