Thursday, March 9, 2006

Sean and our lovely friend Anne at Tuesday night steak dinner, a Baton Rouge RTT tradition. This ratty local bar has a BBQ grill on the back patio, and on Tuesday nights they serve a most excellent ribeye steak dinner. 15 bucks for a huge steak, baked potato, green salad and a roll. Beer is extra, but not much extra...if I recall correctly, a bucket of 6 beers is about $10. The bar used to grill the steaks only on Tuesdays during the summer, but since 10 to 30 Red Cross people started showing up each week, they extended the dinners through the winter. Our favorite waitress, Michele, knows everyone's name and so this nondescript tavern in a dark industrial area has become our "Cheers." It is such sacred tradition that RTT people have been known to change their flights home for one final "Steak Night," and when our boss told us we would be working all night Tuesday to move HQ to a new location, he said, "Of course, we'll have steak night first, then move headquarters." Fortunately, the moved ended up happening Wednesday so we could enjoy our dinner with no worries about working afterwards. By the way, the bar is walking distance to Odyssey's parking space, so don't worry about those beers, Mom.

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