Saturday, April 15, 2006

Meet me at the fair... grounds

We are in Gridley, California, at the Butte County Fairgrounds (map). Our Red Cross training will be held here starting Monday morning. We arrived here yesterday afternoon, a full day ahead of schedule. Last night we had dinner in Yuba City with our friends and fellow DOVE's Don and CC Ramsey, who organized the training. This morning, we helped them and the instructors set up the classroom, and then got some of our own errands done. Tomorrow we should have a much-needed day off.

Many readers have inquired about our work with the Red Cross, and also about the ECRV's which we are about to be trained on. It has been difficult to explain succinctly what it is that we do for the American Red Cross. Yesterday, I received this link to a video program, filmed during the early days of the Katrina response, that focuses on the technology side of the response. The video is professionally produced, and a number of our friends appear in it, including Don and CC, Levi Lauvray, and Ben Byboth. It presents a very good overview of what we do and why we do it, and you'll even get to see some shots of the ECRV in action. Click here to watch the video.

I expect that I will post only sporadically while we are here in training. Next Saturday morning we will head south to San Jose to celebrate the marriage of our friends Charles and Sara, and so our next position update will be the following Sunday.

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