Tuesday, May 2, 2006

A snag in the works...

We are back at the San Jose Elks lodge for a few days.  We spent Wednesday and Thursday nights at the Fremont lodge (map), dealing with doctors in Milpitas.  One of those doctors was my dentist, and I will have to return this Wednesday to have a cavity filled -- I absolutely detest dental work.  That also gave us the opportunity to eat at the Olive Garden across the street, and, frankly, the Fremont lodge is better kept and has more attractive surroundings.  It also has a dump station, and they only charge $12 per night for their spaces with electric and water hookups, 2/3 of the rate here in San Jose.

The advantage of San Jose is that the light rail station and the CalTrain station are a short walk away, and, since we had plans in downtown San Jose Friday night, I moved Odyssey back here Friday afternoon.  Coming down I-880 in the usual bay area traffic slog a huge rock hit the windshield -- Crack! -- and I ended up with a volcano/star combination a good inch and a half in diameter.  Fortunately, it is not in my field of vision, but it's a bad break and I am concerned that it may spread into a windshield-eating crack.  As soon as I was parked in San Jose I called the glass insurance people for our DiamonFusion warranty, and they are sending Safelite out this afternoon to see if the damage can be repaired.  I hope so, because, warranty or not, I really don't want to go through the hassle of replacing the windshield again.

We were hoping to leave the bay area Thursday, after my Wednesday dental appointment and a quick visit with our friend Martin Wednesday evening.  Alas, it is not to be.  All three pets went in to the vet yesterday for shots and checkups, and Opal was to have her teeth cleaned.  Unfortunately, her blood work revealed an elevated bilirubin level, and the vet did not want to put her under.  So she is on a course of antibiotics for a week, and the cleaning has been rescheduled for next Monday.  The doctor also wants us to stick around for a full day afterwards, so it looks like we will be leaving here next Wednesday morning at the earliest, nearly a full week later than we had hoped.

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  1. Sean, have you seen anything like this:


    What I think this shows is a polycarbonate deflector that covers the bottom portion of the screen, out of your main filed of vision.

    The photo shows a CItyliner but I can't see why you couldn't do something similar to your Spaceliner.

    This would be more resilient to rocks and save your windshield, it should also be cheaper to replace if it got damaged itself.


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