Sunday, June 4, 2006

Giardino delle Olive

I know it is uncharacteristic of me to post twice in one day, but here I am again.  This morning's post, below, really belongs to last night, but we were bushed after a long day.  This post might just have easily been done tomorrow, but we want to get an early start, and I have time on my hands tonight.

We are parked on a city street adjacent to an Olive Garden restaurant (map).  Our larder was empty, owing to the field trip, and we were craving good, old-fashioned cookie-cutter Italian food.  On our way here, we made a stop at the grocery store to stock up for the next couple weeks.  This particular stretch of road is filled with tractor-trailers parked for the night, so we figure we're OK with the local constabulary as long as we blend in and keep a low profile.

Tomorrow morning we will pick up our pets at the kennel a dozen miles from here, and continue on toward Austin.

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