Monday, October 16, 2006

Bahuichivo and Cerocahui

We are on a siding in Bahuichivo (map), where we arrived about 2:30.  We had a free morning in Barrancas Divisadero, and we walked down to the eponymous hotel on the canyon rim for an excellent full breakfast.  Our train departed Divisadero at noon.

We did not see much of Bahuichivo -- there is not much town here next to the train station (and perhaps not much town at all).  Today's activity was a bus tour (how did you guess?) to nearby Cerocahui, with its Jesuit mission (San Franciso Javier) and mission school.  The bus brought us to the Hotel Mision, which was also our dinner stop, and we opted out of the organized tour of the mission school.  Instead we enjoyed a quiet walk around the town square and into the mission church , reconstructed in 1940 but looking very much as it must have in the 1860s.  Dinner was, essentially, American fare at the hotel.

It's late, so only a short update tonight.  Tomorrow we have a long day on the train -- we depart here at 6:30am, and arrive in Los Mochis, on the coast, at 8pm.  There is one 15-minute stop to walk the dog, so we will have three meals aboard Odyssey, while under way.  We are looking forward to a full day's train ride.


  1. Sean, I've been following you guys for about a year now, and this is the first time that I have posted.

    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys can move around while the train is "underway". I read earlier that you have sat outside on the buffer car between Odyssey and the locomotive. Do you have to wait until the train stops before moving around, or can you move at will?

    I would sign off telling you guys to have fun, but it looks and sounds as though you already are...

    So I just say: "Keep having fun!"


  2. Hola!
    I just came across your blog and am very interested in your travels.... keep posting as I am anxious to follow your adventures..

  3. Duane, we were able to enter and exit our rig onto our own flatcar while the train was moving. Moving between cars was highly discouraged except while stopped. It isn't impossible to jump between the cars, but given how much the train bounces around, we stayed put.


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