Saturday, October 14, 2006


We are on a siding in Divisadero (map), the local equivalent to the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Today's train ride was short, but scenic, cresting the continental divide and taking in the first breathtaking views of the canyons.  We also traversed a complete loop in the tracks, one of only three such loops in North America.

As we parked here on the siding, our train was split in two to allow passengers access to and from the several passenger trains that came by (our siding is closer to the station than the main line).  We had a delicious lunch from one of the many street vendors at the station, and browsed the many market stalls set up on the main plaza.  Afterwards, we had another bus tour, which took us to several spectacular canyon overlooks, and then to the Mirador hotel, where we enjoyed a canyon rim walk followed by cocktails and dinner.

Tomorrow we have the morning free here, and we begin our descent after noon.

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