Friday, October 27, 2006

Half way there...

It seems hard to believe, but yesterday was day 19 of our Mexican adventure, the half-way point.  As seems fitting for such a milestone, Louise spent most of the morning doing laundry right here at the RV park, but now we won't have to do it again until we are stateside.  We spent the afternoon relaxing around the pool, and taking a drive on the beach with our neighbors John and Maria in their Jeep.  They also hauled us over to the grocery store across town -- tourist prices, but a nice store and we needed some provisions.  At dusk we walked several blocks back into town to local eatery Tio Pablo's.  Another tourist joint, full of gringos,  but the food was tasty and I got to have another delicious salad.  (Can you tell I really missed salads over on the mainland?).

Today we had another relaxing morning, and, around midday, we were invited along on another Jeep trip.  Nine of us, in two Jeeps, drove up into the hills, past the village of Santiago, and into the international Biosphere Reserve of Sierra de la Laguna.  We paid a small fee to traverse private property into the reserve, parked at a small trailhead, and hiked perhaps half a mile down a steep and rocky trail through the thicket, to a wonderful fresh water rock pool under a thirty-foot waterfall, where we all swam and frolicked for about an hour, diving off the granite rocks into the deep and refreshing water.  What a treat.  The place is called Sol de Mayo, and I could tell you where it is, but then I'd have to kill you. Click photo to see short video. 

A big thanks to John and Maria (again) and Bill and Mary Lou, whose Jeeps provided the transportation.

Of course, we had to climb the half mile back up the aforementioned steep and rocky trail, but the whole thing was well worth it.  We rewarded ourselves for a successful and injury-free descent and ascent by stopping for a delicious lunch at the tiny hotel and restaurant Casa de Huespedes Palomar in the village of Santiago, a recommendation from the more experienced group of hikers that arrived at the falls just as we were leaving.  What a wonderful place.  If you come here by car, I understand one of the six guest rooms here can be had for about $20 per night.

Overall, we have had a very relaxing stay here in Los Barriles.  Tomorrow we are again on the road, heading to Cabo San Lucas.  And, consistent with our half-way milestone, we will have to make our first Mexican fuel purchase en-route.

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