Friday, October 13, 2006

Please give me feedback on videos

I usually use to upload the videos, but just couldn't get it to work tonight. Since Google now has video, I thought I'd try that. Please let me know if you can see the video in the post below this one. Does it load faster than the previous videos? How does the quality compare?

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  1. Thanks so much for the videos. The only difference between the two that I noticed was the Google did not expand to fill the entire monitor as the one of you crossing the border. Music, video and words came through great.


  2. Very enjoyable video, a nail biter watching your vehicle load on to the rail car. Quality was good, a bit slower to download, but still very much appreciated that you are letting us catch glimpses of your trip. Thankyou Joan

  3. I get "This Video is not currently available; please try again later"

  4. We are enjoying your log and videos especially since we are making this trip next month.We will be eleven rigs organized by the Vagabundos del Mar club and leaving from Presidio TX but doing lots of the same things, Peter Lowen, Chihuahua city. Compared to your Odyssey, our Deidra (Celtic for 'traveler' is puny, a 22 ft Class C.

  5. Ok, sorry about the short post but checking to see if it worked. I will be watching you site daily. I'm a George and Tioga fan, and find your site equally informative and looking forward to catching up to your posts. Keep up the video's!!! Something different and something I really enjoy.


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