Monday, October 9, 2006

Tilting at Windmills

We are at the Del Fresno RV Park, behind a Pemex station on Mexico 16, between Chihuahua and Cuauhtemoc (map).

Today has been an extremely long day, starting, as it did, at 06:00 when we dumped our tanks and lined up to depart the Hacienda resort.  By 07:45 we were at the Aduana facility on the Mexico side of the Santa Teresa port of entry.  It took a good two hours to get everyone processed though Migracion and the Banjercito, and then we had a full day's drive ahead of us to get here.  It was a lovely drive, especially the short segment on a libre, or free road (most of the drive was on Cuotas, or toll roads), but it was 6:30 when we finally pulled in -- a full twelve hours from when we set out.

After "social hour," a group gathering involving chips, alcohol, and a few announcements, most folks retired to their rigs for dinner.  I'm pretty sure we were the only ones adventurous enough to "go out" for dinner.  Our choices within walking distance of the campground were fast food at the Pemex, or a small restaurant, attached to a hotel, by the name of "Sancho."  How appropriate, it turns out, as it was a rather quixotic notion to think we would find decent grub in this immediate vicinity. Our first clue should have been that we were the only patrons in the establishment.  They spoke no English, but we muddled through ordering some enchiladas and a couple of beers.  The food was barely edible, but will hold us till tomorrow, and dinner, complete with beer, was only $12 for the two of us.

We are very, very happy to be, finally, in Mexico.  Louise has taken some fantastic photos and video clips, which she will be posting shortly.  Tomorrow we have an early (08:30) bus tour of Chihuahua.  Kind of a busman's holiday, I guess.

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