Monday, November 13, 2006

Our last full day in Mexico

We are at the Posada Don Diego RV Park in Colonia Vicenté Guerrero (map). Not the big finish we were hoping for -- the Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada is rumored to be nice, and we had been looking forward to spending a day in town there. We'll just have to plan a stop in Ensenada on our next visit.

We had a nice drive yesterday from Rancho Santa Inés in Cataviña. It was surprisingly mountainous, as we climbed up to 2100' on our way to the coast, along twisting mountain roads. We also started seeing prickly pear cacti for the first time.

There is not much to do here, so today will be a day of downtime, although we will join a group of folks heading down to the beach, about a mile from here, for a stroll and maybe lunch. Swimming is out of the question -- the sea temperature here is around 68 degrees, and the air temperature will barely hit 75.

Tonight is the big farewell dinner at the restaurant right here in the park. (Frankly, if it were not for the dinner, I would be inclined to head out today on our own and take our chances on finding something around Ensenada.) The restaurant looks nice; we spent a few hours in their back room last night playing Mexican Train with some of our caravan-mates.

Tomorrow we will leave the country. We have a long day, with around 180 miles to the border station in Tecaté. I've been told to brace for a 6am departure (ugh), which makes sense, since we have some logistical challenges to deal with our paperwork at the border, on top of the long drive. Beyond that, the Tecaté border station is a long way from anything in the States, so we'll have another hour of driving at least once we part company with the caravan.

I'm not sure where we will end up tomorrow night -- it depends a lot on what time we cross the border. The next time you hear from us, though, we will be back in the US.


  1. We always stay at Potrero County park in Potrero when we cross at Tecate. It is a sweet little park and it has water and electricity for $14 a night (maybe $12). Dump on the way out.

    Head west after you get out of Tecate (highway 90something) and you'll be there in a handful of miles. When you get to Potrero, follow the signs (left then right) to the park. If you pass the Post Office you've gone too far.

    You might also consider a stopover in Sordo Mundo around Guadalupe on MX3? from Ensenada to Tecate. It is a deaf/mute school and they host RV'ers across the road. Search our site for pictures etc; they are wonderful people. And Guadelupe is a real wine growing region; I bet you can pick up some nice stuff. Then hell, pop down to San Felipe and gorge yourself on shrimp. You don't need to leave Baja so soon. :)

  2. NO! HEAD EAST on the 90something highway when you leave Tecate - NOT WEST!. Sorry.


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