Saturday, February 3, 2007

Ahh, back to our preferred mode

We are at a dispersed camping spot in the Coronado National Forest (map). We are several miles down a dirt road north of I-10. Our friend lives several more miles up the road, but this spot was level, open, and easy access for Odyssey.

A good deal of the road was washboard, and there were casualties as several items jiggled their way off the counters. The real challenge, though, was fording a wash perhaps 25' wide with six inches or so of standing water. The bottom was sandy, and, worried that our drive wheels could quickly bog down in the sand, we took a running start at it, which sent water flying everywhere as we plowed through at speed. We made it across OK, and the coach now has a very clean underside. I'm still a bit apprehensive now about making it back across the other way.

We had a nice visit while we were here, and also quite a bit of relaxing time alone, with only the occasional vehicle to disturb the silence and the raw beauty of the nearby Rincon mountains, which are lightly dusted with snow.

Today we will head back to Tucson, where we will stop in at Beaudry RV for parts, and probably to spend the night.

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