Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We left Death Valley yesterday, following our usual route through Trona and the Searles Valley. It is a steep climb out of the park on CA 190, and we plugged up the hill at somewhat less than 40mph. Coming down the other side was the opposite story, and we had to disengage the retarder several times due to transmission fluid overtemp warnings.

The Panamints had a light dusting of snow on top from a storm on Monday, and they were spectacularly beautiful as we drove past them.

We stopped for the night in a parking lot adjacent to the motel here in Bakersfield where our friends were staying on their route home (map). We had a nice dinner with them at a nearby Mexican restaurant.

This morning we will head over to local Detroit Diesel shop Delaney & Ahlf, to have the ECM looked at again. We have no appointment, so it's hard to say how long we will be here.

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  1. Hey you two, we're pretty close, we drove down from Morgan Hill yesterday afternoon to Fontana. Here we sit in the infield of the California Speedway. We'll watch the races this weekend and head for Fresno on Monday, gotta get the aqua worked on again, 4th time now, time to call Monaco. Tues we'll head for San Benito and Fri back to Morgan Hill. Happy trails.


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