Saturday, February 17, 2007

Irony Department

Sean's discussion about the broken windshield reminds me that there is a discussion on the Bus Nuts Online bulletin board where several folks advised us to keep Odyssey on the paved road if we want to avoid damage. This was in response to Sean's request for recommendations for a welding shop to repair the tailpipe after our Big Puddle episode.

I will point out that the repair to the exhaust was about $500. Repairing the windshield, which was damaged while driving at the speed limit on a paved state highway in dry sunny weather, will be on the order of $3000. Because we have insurance, we won't be out of pocket that amount, but we know the cost because we replaced the windshield in November 2005. It was broken in almost identical circumstances: a rock thrown up on a paved Interstate in good weather.

So, we'll be increasing our driving time on unpaved roads as part of our cost reduction plan.


  1. Louise, you are toooooooooo funny!!!

  2. I never get irony bored with you, babe.


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