Thursday, February 15, 2007


We are at Terrible's Town Casino in Pahrump (map). There are actually several casinos here in town, but most either have their own for-fee RV park, or else don't allow rigs to spend the night. Terrible's has a big lot and is welcoming, even though they do have another casino several miles out of town (the "Lakeside") that has an RV park.

In any case, it was convenient and peaceful, with about a dozen rigs scattered around the lot. We did try to give them some business by going in to buy dinner, but there was a 2.5 hour wait for a table, owing to Valentine's Day. We ate at home.

We stopped here because we had our mail sent to the post office in town. That turned out to be next to an Ace Hardware, which had a few things I needed, including a 12' extension ladder that collapses down to 2'. We also loaded up on groceries here in town -- we're hosting a dinner for about a dozen while we are in Death Valley.

Tonight we'll be in the park, and we have our fingers crossed for a late cancellation that will get us in to the Furnace Creek campground.

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