Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Premature Exfenestration

We are in Alameda, outside of Coach Specialties (map). We arrived here last night, and had a nice dinner at nearby Pier 29 restaurant.

Unfortunately, the window glass, which was to have arrived yesterday, is still in transit due to weather delays, and will not be here until at least tomorrow. Moreover, the shop would like to do both windows at the same time, and the upper glass will not arrive until Monday. So the decision has been made to start the project Monday morning. We've booked a hotel room for Monday and Tuesday nights, as Odyssey will be locked inside the shop while the sealant cures.

One of the implications of this is that we will not be able to attend the Escapade rally in Stockton next week (well, OK, we could still catch the last day or so, but that makes little sense). We are scheduled to take post-Escapade Red Cross training, which we will still be able to make.

It does not make sense for us to remain here for the next four days, so, in a few minutes, we will pack up and head back down to San Jose, returning here Sunday evening. We still have a few errands to run in the south bay, such as picking up the fish, and this will give us the opportunity to take care of them. That will pretty much wrap up our stay in the bay area, so I expect our departure from Stockton at the end of the month will be for points elsewhere.

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