Friday, May 18, 2007

Mall rats

We're back at the Valley River Mall, in nearly the exact same spot along the river. After our jaunt up to Harrisburg yesterday, where we settled on a pattern for our floor covering and ordered the material, we came back by way of Junction City and the Les Schwab tire dealer there. Our front-end shimmy has been getting worse, and we sought yet another opinion on the source.

The tire guys felt that the latest shimmy is actually due to the very badly cupped left front tire. They quoted us on a pair of new tires and moving some others around, and we headed back down to Eugene to collect the scooter, which was ready after a minor carburetor adjustment. We had also made arrangements with Mike Wilson of Willy's Custom Concepts to come take a look at some touch-up that we need, and it was simplest to just spend another night here in this excellent spot.

In a few minutes, we will pack up and head back up to the tire dealer to see about mounting some new tires. I think, from there, we will head back over to the coast via US20 through Corvallis, since we have nearly a full week before we need to be in the Seattle area.

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