Saturday, May 26, 2007

Meandering south

We are at the City of Kent's free Naden RV Park (map), really just a handful of parallel-parking spaces next to a strip of grass. There is also a dump station and water spigot here, though, free of charge. The city allows only one night, but it is completely free.

Across the street is a large vacant lot, which current satellite imagery reveals had several houses on it up till fairly recently. A sign advising environmental impact studies underway proclaims the site to be designated for a City of Kent "Events Center." I suspect that the start of construction on the Events Center will spell the end of free city RV parking in this location.

This is the sort of spot that is right up our alley, though the more timid among the RV community would likely pass it by. When we arrived there were two other rigs here, whose age, condition, and appearance suggest that the occupants are also full-timers, but by circumstance rather than choice. The immediate neighborhood is extremely run down, to include the fact that the dilapidated homesteads across the street were, no doubt, condemned through eminent domain. A few structures remain which are entirely boarded up, and one or two ramshackle houses remain in the area in occupied status.

We chose to eat in tonight, but the GPS reveals a number of restaurants just two or three blocks to our east.

Speaking of good spots, last night's digs were A+. Getting to and from downtown Seattle was a snap on the #131 bus, if a bit colorful (as we often find, when riding urban transit systems). We had a great meal at our club, but it was still daylight when we boarded the return bus, as is normal at this latitude in late May. When we got off the bus across the street from the lodge, we decided to walk another half block and do some completely unnecessary shopping at Fred Meyer.

We ended up restocking the wine cellar and buying a few other essentials, but, more importantly, we discovered a decent laundromat in the same plaza, just half a block from our parking space. We were leaving today anyway, so we threaded Odyssey around through the new senior housing complex and past the Bingo parlor, and parked in Fred's lot while Louise did the laundry. In the same lot were also two fast food outlets and a Hollywood Video. We have definitely put this spot on our must-return list, especially when we need to be in Seattle for any reason.

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