Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Mountain

We are parked for the night at the Lake Sammamish Elks lodge, in Issaquah (map).

We spent last night in the same spot at the Quinault Beach casino, since it was so quiet and lovely there. While we were all alone on Tuesday night, there were three other rigs in the gravel lot last night, although the lot is so enormous, no one was within a hundred feet of us.

We decided to go back in to the resort for dinner last night, and we sat down in the sushi bar so Louise could indulge her craving (she reports the sushi was quite good). I chose to have the buffet, which, although limited in selection (three salads, and two choices each of entree, side dish, and dessert) was quite tasty, and a bargain at $8.

Our server suggested we go back to the promotion desk to get another round of coupons (apparently, player club members can get different coupons every day), and, although we were too young to take advantage of the $3-off buffet coupon (50 and over only), we did get another $5 each in free slot play, which we basically cashed in. So, while we spent a bit more at the restaurants over two evenings, we walked away with $30 in cash for our two-day "free" stay, which amounted to about a 30% discount on our dinner-and-wine bill.

We had a very pleasant and scenic drive here along US-12 and WA-8, with periodic gorgeous views of Mt. Rainier, which is visible on only the nicest days (and always prompts us to say "The Mountain").

Tonight we are having dinner with friends in the Seattle area, and tomorrow we will head down to Sumner to check in with Infinity Coach.

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