Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out of California

We are at the Elks Lodge in Brookings, Oregon (map). The lodge here has a nice campground facility, with 30-amp power and water (and looks like cable TV, too) at each site. At $15 per night, that's a steal along the coast -- we paid that much Sunday night for dry camping. The lodge also has a dump station, although we don't need it, having emptied our tanks back at Van Damme.

The lodge is just a block from the main drag, and we walked to dinner last night at local eatery the Onion Grill. The food was fine, and it was close; better options are available elsewhere in Brookings, but we didn't want to walk as far as a mile.

We are relieved to finally be out of California. Our plan, before the windshield debacle, was to be in Nevada on May 4th, so we are a full ten days later than that. Not a big deal, but we do have to keep track each year. We pay property and income tax in California as absentee landlords (the condo in which we formerly lived is now a rental unit), and there is some magic threshold beyond which California can claim us a residents and tax the rest of our income as well. We only narrowly avoided this last year, with all the health-related visits.

Today we will continue north along the coast, stopping, most likely, somewhere in the neighborhood of the Oregon Dunes.

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  1. Hi Sean and Louise, Spyderman here, we are in Key West, been keeping a track on your travels and noticed your comment on paying for dry camping and the price for a night there at the Elks lodge in Oregon. I'm curious, have you ever researched the Thousand Trails program or any of the other membership type programs?


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