Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still in Alameda

Yesterday, while we were having lunch with a good friend over in Jack London Square, Coach Specialties finished sealing up voids in the lower windshield seal, and we were hopeful that we might be finished and on our way this morning.

Once burned, twice shy, however, and today after lunch, with a full 24 hours of cure time behind us, I took out the trusty pressure washer and tested for leaks. Alas, we found one small leak in the upper windshield seal, and a couple in the lower as well. So this afternoon they had to touch up those areas. We'll spend another night here to allow the sealant to cure, then repeat the leak test tomorrow afternoon. If everything holds this time, we will be on our way on Saturday morning.

Between last night and this morning I did considerable work on route planning, to account for the various commitments we have over the next month or so, and we are now agreed on a plan. From here, we will head over to the coast. We'll take CA-116 over, intersecting the Pacific Coast Highway just south of Jenner, thus avoiding the congested portion from Mill Valley to Bodega Bay. This will also give us a chance to stop at Lowe's in Cotati for some critically needed parts (replacement diaphragms for our water recirculating valves). Lowes are in short supply out here, being far outnumbered by Home Depots, but, as I've written previously, Home Depot no longer carries these parts.

We will then travel north on the PCH, CA-1, all the way until it ends at the junction with US-101 in Legett, and continue north on 101 halfway up the coast of Oregon, where we will turn inland on OR-126 to Eugene and a rendezvous with a shop in Harrisburg that we may have install some new flooring.

I expect to proceed up the coast at a very relaxed pace. For one thing, it's magnificently beautiful, and we want to take it all in again. For another, it is a narrow and winding road in many places, so much so that it is a restricted route -- if Odyssey were just another eight inches longer, we would be prohibited from traveling on it.

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