Thursday, June 14, 2007

To Infinity, and beyond...

We are at the Tulalip Casino near Marysville (map).

We drove up here from Kent yesterday to have dinner with friends John and Susan, who were kind enough to drive up here from Everett and pick us up. We had a nice dinner and spent a few hours catching up. While we're not likely to take another caravan (not really our style), John and Susan are great to travel with, and perhaps we will get a chance to meet up with them again on a more relaxed schedule.

The casino here has a designated lot striped for 30 or so RV's, and it was actually quite full last night. This appears to be a popular way station for travelers to and from British Columbia. There were even two other bus conversions here last night, a '72 MCI from BC, and an 80's-vintage Marathon Prevost. Speaking of which, I meant to mention that a late-model Prevost, also a Marathon, had joined us down at Pacific Power, sporting (I am not kidding) spinny hub cabs. And an early-model Prevost converted by Executive Coach also rolled in -- I did not recognize the bus, but the mural depicting the Dallas skyline on the back was familiar to me from someplace.

In a few minutes we will depart for Sumner and Infinity Coach, where, apparently, our final replacement Truck-Lites have come in this afternoon.

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