Sunday, August 26, 2007

Super Sunday: Sorrow

Every Sunday I write about one of the joys of full-timing

We have met some wonderful people in our travels, and especially enjoy getting to know other full-timers. Those relationships are a joy to us.

This week we learned with great sadness of the death of one of our full-timing friends. We met Judie and her husband about two years ago. They had been reading our blog and saw that we were passing nearby. They emailed us and arranged to meet us for dinner, and a friendship was born. We didn't see them often, but always enjoyed their company and their stories of life on the road.

Judie and her husband had been full-timers for many years and clearly were living their dream. When she was diagnosed with cancer, they were able to make one last long trip in their rig to visit friends and family all over the U.S. In her final months they parked in one place near her family and we were able to visit a few times.

Judie was only in her mid-60s when she passed away, which is "traditional" retirement age. I hope that memories of their time together traveling the country will give her husband some comfort. I'm so glad we had a chance to meet Judie and get to know her a little bit. Rest in Peace, my friend.

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  1. Through your writings, Judie was able to enjoy the adventure until the very end.

    Bless you, my friends,


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