Monday, September 24, 2007

Back in air-conditioner-land

We are at Lake Livingston, Texas (map), just a stone's throw from Escapee-central. The state park here is mostly empty, and we had only one other rig with us last night in this particular loop (the furthest from the lake itself).

Actually, we had our pick of any spot in the loop when we arrived, and we started out over in the water-and-electric only spaces, as all we wanted was some power for the AC. But the park is heavily forested, and no matter how I widgeted the coach around, I just couldn't get a straight shot to the satellite. After walking the loop I reckoned (see, talking like a Texan already) we could get on from this full-hookup space, and we did. So we paid $3 extra for a sewer connection that we can't even reach, but worth it to have internet access for the night.

Speaking of extra, Texas charges a $3 per-person entrance fee in addition to camping fees, bringing our total to $24 for the night. Last year we bought a Texas state park pass to avoid the fees, but we barely broke even on it and decided to just pony up every time this year.

We had a lovely drive yesterday. We blasted west out of Shreveport on I-20, but then quickly departed the Interstate onto US79 south into Carthage. From there US59 brought us all the way here, by way of Nacogdoches and Lufkin. US59 will take us all the way to the outskirts of Houston, where we will circle around to the west side of town and find someplace convenient to Louise's family and our long-lost motorcycle.


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  2. In Texas, Nacadoches is pronounced pretty much as it is spelled.

    In Louisiana, Natchitoches is pronounced Nack-a-tush. (Think Steel Magnolias, meat pies, and a top notch Christmas Festival)

    I grew up in Louisiana and can attest that spelling and pronunciation have nothing to do with each other.


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