Friday, September 21, 2007

Fuzzy Friday: No spill water bowl

Every Friday I write about our pets

Opal continues to recover from her surgery, having her first drink of water this afternoon. The vet was concerned that she hadn't had any water or food yet and she spent much of today resting inside the clinic.

As soon as we brought her outside, she immediately relieved herself on the back step of the building. I guess most dogs will eliminate in the kennel when they are on as many painkillers as she is, but Opal had been holding it for several hours.

She then marched up the bus stairs into the kitchen and started to drink out of her no-spill water dish:

Opal shares this bowl with the two cats. The wrap-around lip design really does keep the water from sloshing out of the dish when Odyssey is under way. I had to add non-skid rubber to the bottom to keep it from sliding across the kitchen floor. The bowl is made of a single piece of molded hard plastic and is very durable.

The bowl is easy to wash, but difficult to rinse. After all, it is designed to keep the water in. Once it is full of suds, when Sean* turns it over to pour out the soapy water, he has to shake it and rinse it quite a few times to make sure it rinses clear.

In hindsight, we should have bought this no-spill bowl:

The idea is the same: the lid curves up to control splashing. But in this bowl, the lid is removable, which would make washing and rinsing it much easier. I don't think it holds as much water, however, and the distance from the edge to the center water hold might be harder for the cats to negotiate.

In either case, a spill-proof bowl is an idea that has worked really well for us in our travels. If you have pets and are planning to hit the road, you may want to buy one for them.

*Sean washes all the dishes. How I managed to get out of this tiresome chore is the subject of a different post!

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  1. Doesn't do a damn bit of good if you have a three year old child on board...
    My little guy picks it up and turns it over....water,water, everywhere....


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