Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Returning to normal

We are finished with our Red Cross relief operation here in northern Illinois. The operation wrapped up yesterday morning, and we had everything packed up and ready for FedEx by the time they picked up at 4. This morning I will be meeting with the building owner to hand over the last key.

We are still here in the parking lot of what was operation headquarters (map), the old painters' union hall and training facility (the painters' union recently moved into a new building, and this one is for sale). It's been a great spot for us, and we've even had the luxury of a 15-amp power connection, which has been plenty in the temperate conditions we've had here. Many thanks to the Painters District Council 30 for allowing the Red Cross to use their facility.

There is a veterinarian right across the street, and we're taking Opal in today for a teeth cleaning and checkup, since she's due and it's convenient. We'll leave here either this afternoon or tomorrow morning, heading east towards our Red Cross chapter in Elkhart, Indiana. If we arrive in that neighborhood early enough, we might stop by the Escapade site in Goshen to catch up with some of the DOVE's, including the national ECRV coordinator who is there with one of the trucks.

After that, we will likely head south, to be in position for the next tropical storm. There is one brewing right now in the Atlantic, "Investigation Area 91."

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