Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Talkback Tuesday: Road Debris

Every Tuesday is "Talkback" day, where I share what other people have to say.

One of the things the truckers often say about us in passing is, "Look at how low that bus driver sits! If he hits a deer, he's in big trouble."

The truth of the matter is that any of us, at any time, can find ourselves face to face with flying debris on the roads. Sitting low or high, in our car, RV, or a truck, loose stuff can hit your vehicle. The best defense, of course, is to be alert and aware, and keep a safe following distance from the vehicle in front of you.

A recent thread on RV.net has some hair-raising stories:

...I was on I75 near Saginaw, MI late at night when something hit the right winshield of my semi tractor. Windshield was shattered, when I turned on the inside light I found I had aquired a passenger. There was a large owl sitting on the right hand seat, just looking around...

...while following this pickup and picking up speed, two 30 gallon drums came up out of the truck...everything went into slow motion...

...met a pickup/camper pulling a boat. First I saw the boat swing out in my lane, then got a quick glimpse of it on the shoulder side of the camper, then another quick glimpse in my lane and then it snapped loose, broke the safety chains and flew off in the ditch...

To read more of this RV.net thread, visit What've you seen comin' your way on the road?

And let's all be safe out there on the road.

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