Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Tips: Put it where you use it

Thursday is tip day.

Okay, this one is probably going to fall into the "Well, duh!" category, but here goes: When deciding where to store things in your RV, put them close to where you will use them. Not rocket science, right?

Because a rig is so small compared to most homes, it is tempting to think that you can put things just anywhere they fit because it isn't very far from anywhere else. And sometimes you are forced to use a compartment in the wrong area because that is the only one big enough to fit the item.

But there are still advantages to putting stuff where you need it. For one thing, it minimizes the number of times you and your spouse must cross paths in the kitchen. Because that's they way it works: if you are walking back to the bedroom to get your umbrella, that will be when hubby is coming into the driver's area to get his socks. And you'll do that RV Rumba to get around each other. You know, the dance where somebody's toes get stepped on?

And umbrellas are a good example of an item that you want right by the door rather than 10 paces inside. If you need an umbrella, it's probably raining and muddy, so why step back inside and track the mess through your living room? We keep winter hats, a flashlight, and the binoculars by the front door. There is a shoe storage area for wet, muddy footwear. There's also a little box full of baggies, so it is easy to grab a few when walking Opal. Her leash stays by the baggies so when we reach for one we don't forget the other.

Take a moment to think about what you do to get ready to leave the RV. Do you walk back and forth, gathering items? Would a coat hook near the door help? Everybody needs a place to toss keys, purse, sunglasses: are yours all in one spot or spread across three surfaces?

How about when you get ready to clean? Do you have to go outside to a basement bay to get the cleansers? Do you store everything you need to dump your tanks right near the valves? For such a tiresome chore, it should be as painless as possible to gather your tools.

Anytime a task finds you walking back and forth, forth and back through the rig is a good time to stop and think if a simple rearrangement makes sense.

One thing that I do every single day is make coffee. My coffeemaker, filters, and ground coffee stay on the counter all the time. The wafflemaker can hide in the back of the cabinet because we use it rarely. For months I opened the cabinet, pulled out the drawer, bent over, scooped out coffee, rummaged around for a coffee filter, etc. Then I had my "Well, duh!" moment and put it all in pretty canisters on the counter.

Remember, "efficient" is just "lazy" with better marketing.

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