Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Georgia, the whole day through

We are at Seminole State Park, on Seminole Lake in the very southwest corner of Georgia (map).

After leaving Ozark yesterday, we circled the apparently bustling metropolis of Dothan (whose Wal-Mart also forbids overnight parking), stopping at the Flying-J south of town for 175 gallons of $2.85 diesel, about the cheapest we'll see in the southeast. We also dumped our tanks, thinking we'd likely be at more Wal-Marts over the next few days.

Our plan had been to head from there to Tallahassee on US84 and US27, which meet in Bainbridge, GA. We needed to do laundry, so we were going to just stop at a laundromat somewhere along the route. By the time we were done at the Flying-J, though, neither one of us felt like stopping for two hours to do laundry, only to have to then drive further to find a place to stay. (A search for the obvious solution to this -- a coin laundry next to a Wal-Mart -- came up empty.)

A quick consultation of the guides revealed this state park, just about a 20-mile detour off our route, with laundry facilities (which turns out to be one washer and one dryer, but there was no competition for them -- the park is empty). We didn't really need it last night, but there is also power here (50 amps), and the very lovely lake, in which swimming is discouraged due to the alligators. Anyway, it is a lovely spot, and the laundry is almost done.

Today we will continue on to Bainbridge and pick up US27 to Tallahassee. We are looking for an internist and a dentist there, so if you have any recommendations, please pass them along.

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  1. What an amazing adventure you have undertook! I love that your bus accommodates your motorcycles so easily. I find the whole idea fascinating. :)

    I've tagged you for a meme if you'd like to play along.


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