Saturday, October 27, 2007

On the home stretch

Just a very quick update tonight -- it's late, and we're tired.

We finally got our marching orders -- we've been assigned to an operation which will be headquartered in San Bernardino, and we will report there tomorrow evening. I believe this operation is covering everything north of San Diego county, which is a separate operation.

Tonight we are at a rest area west of Demming, New Mexico (map). New Mexico, like Texas, allows overnight stays (up to 24 hours) in their rest areas, and this one is particularly well suited to it. There is an area in the front that is a conventional highway rest area, with angle parking for cars and trucks, and rest rooms. In the back, however, is an area set up more like a campground, with widely separated "spaces" -- some back-in, some pull-through. Each has its own lighted picnic shelter and trash barrel, and they are even numbered as if in a campground. We are at number 9, about as far from the rest rooms/parking area as possible.

Today's drive was blissfully uneventful. I did spend some time this morning printing shipping labels for some items that sold on eBay in the last couple days, and we later made a stop at the main post office in Van Horn to drop them in the mail.

Tomorrow we will blast through Arizona and into California on I-10, which will carry us all the way to San Bernardino. It may be a few days before I can get back to posting here, so bear with us.


  1. May the God of grace and mercy bless your important work in California!

  2. Sean & Louise, We are offically on "Baby Watch" now. First Grandson is due in 3 days. I'll post on


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