Sunday, November 18, 2007

Scooter Dog

A little video about Opal, the Scooter Riding Wonder Dog.


  1. Opal looks like she enjoys riding! She should meet Ara and his dog Spirit who rides in his motorcycle sidecar. Have you seen his blog?


  2. Well, you are right about us voyers checking in on you guys. I was really lonesome all month while you all were busy with the Red Cross. Today, you have surprised me with this great video of the Scooter Dog. All I can say is, you two are much better parents than I could ever be! To get that dog to do that is amazing!!! Not only are you all organized and thoughtful people, you are animal trainers as well!!!!!Hats off to you today. may Thanksgiving be truly a blessed day for you and your band of friends and family. Thanks for your great blog, it allows me to escape into a better place.

  3. E. & A. and I just sat here and watched and laughed and laughed. Thank you, Opal and her Master/Mistress!

  4. Hey Opal... Spirit here... You need to come and join us... I'll even make room for you... would love the Company, good food too... Don't forget your helmet next time!


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