Saturday, December 29, 2007

Back on the map

We finally wrapped up the relief operation here in Beaverton yesterday, shipping the last computer back while tractors arrived to haul away seven 53' semitrailers full of furniture and relief supplies. The walk-through with the landlord to turn the building back over was around 3pm, at which time we had to vacate our warm dry loading dock and leave our 15-amp power outlet behind. The entire complex is fenced and gated, and the landlord is graciously allowing us to stay in the driveway just outside the gate.

Now that the operation is over and the building has been handed back, I can reveal that the landlord is in fact General Motors, and we are staying at what used to be their parts distribution facility for the northwest (map). GM very generously donated the use of the space to the Red Cross for the duration of the operation, and it was a great space for us, with a comfortable office area attached to a voluminous warehouse, complete with enclosed docks with automatic lifts and levelers. There was even a real computer room, complete with raised floor, which we commandeered for installation of the server and satellite equipment.

We will be here for a few days yet. Raz Transportation has us scheduled in on Wednesday for replacement of the steering pump, so we will head down there Tuesday afternoon and spend the night in their yard. We'll probably stay put right where we are until then, unless our diesel supply drops below the pickup tube on either the generator or the diesel-fired heater (it's close now -- we put just enough fuel in down in California to get us here). In which case we will either need to put some fuel in, or find ourselves another power outlet for a few days, possibly at the same Elks lodge where we spent a week back in June.

Today we also need to turn our rental car back in. We're only half a mile from the light rail station here, and there is an Avis office downtown that's open till 4, so we'll drop it off just before closing, then have some dinner downtown before grabbing the light rail back home.

Now that the job is over, I'll be posting here on a more regular schedule. We're not sure where we will head after the steering is fixed. We definitely still have our sights set on Mexico this season, but the route from here to there is still open to discussion.

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