Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Website Wednesday: Scooter Edition

On Wednesdays I write about websites that I visit often.

To celebrate the good news about Opal’s diagnosis, I took her on a scooter ride today. We are currently in the campground at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (map) and the track is quite empty. A Formula car group of about 10 vehicles is using the track and the campground has only a dozen sites in use.

With so little traffic on the access roads, we enjoyed a 20 minute scoot in crisp, sunny weather.

And speaking of scooters, here is a list of scooter-themed websites that I like:

Scooter Swag Dedicated to finding items for sale with a scooter theme, such as notecards, socks, figurines, clothing, and other "ephemera." Good thing we have no room for this stuff, because I find it irresistible!

Girl Bike Writing for an audience of women who are "just as hungry as I was for information about gear, accessories, riding technique, safety, negotiating traffic, dealing with intimidation or prejudice in shops or on the road, long-distance riding, and more." Like a cup of coffee shared with girlfriends who ride.

The Scooter Scoop "The scoop on the latest motor scooter and microcar news, reviews, commentary and the celebration of wheeled oddities."

Scooter Diva Forum A discussion board geared to women scooterists.

There are many, many motorcycle websites, but I only regularly read two biker blogs:

My buddy Charles’ blog A man crazy about motorcycling, but even crazier about his young son Saul, nicknamed "Tarzan." His self-description: "I am out of my mind, a total goofball, a fashion disaster, a motorcycle racer, rocket scientist, wonderboy, women's legs shaven - with Tarzan, I am totally sleep deprived and loopy."

The Oasis of My Soul

I have to admit that this one makes me melancholy. Professional chef Ara and his dog Spirit are traveling in a small RV, towing a trailer that holds his BMW and sidecar. They seem to rack up many more mile on the bike than the truck, and travel exactly the kinds of roads and terrain that I miss the most. We thought when we started our bus adventure that we would pull out the bikes and ride those twisty, lonely roads. Unfortunately, that never really happened. Our Suzukis got so little use that mine was actually ruined by neglect, something I am ashamed to admit.

The good news is that I love my little Honda Metropolitan scooter and ride it much, much more often. And as an unexpected bonus, Opal joins me happily. Given her series of rather serious medical adventures, I know I won’t regret this time of my life where I put being a “real” biker on hold and toodled around with my little dog.

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