Friday, March 21, 2008

Fuzzy Friday: Nesting Carriers

On Fridays I write about our pets

If you have more than one pet, and live in a small space, you might consider portable carriers that nest.

Each of our three pets has their own kennel/carrier. Because we believe strongly in crate training for dogs, Opal's carrier is out and available for her at all times. It lives under the bed.

The two cat carriers are rarely used but important to have. We pull them out to take George and Angel to the vet or to be kenneled when we are away from Odyssey. For example, when we took our long cruise to South America, the two cats stayed with a woman up in the Santa Cruz hills. Her road was not accessible by bus and we transported the cats in a borrowed car, securely tucked in their carriers.

We chose the Kennel Cab brand of carrier because they disassemble easily and the parts nest together. Here are the two cat carriers ready for cats:

Here they are nested and ready for storage:

Because the two kennels break down and stack into a space smaller than one assembled carrier, we can store them in the short bay with the litterbox:

As you can see, even one complete carrier would be too tall for this space. For clarity, I removed some items from this bay. Usually there are several more things stored inside the stacked carriers.

Our Kennel Cabs are an older model. We owned one when we moved into Odyssey. In order for them to nest properly, we needed two of the same model, so we purchased a second one, used, on eBay.

The newest model is slightly different, using clips instead of screws to hold the two halves together. I'm not sure if they nest as well, so if you're in the market for pet carriers you'd need to test them at a store.

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