Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rubbery in Tucson

We are at the Beaudry RV Resort in Tucson (map).

In addition to having friends in town, making this a convenient place to stop. we needed to do laundry, and the temperatures have been moving into the 90's in the afternoon, so this high-zoot resort with 50-amp hookups and a pair of laundry facilities made sense, even though it is high season here, and we're paying much more than we normally like for the privilege. We also knew we'd need to dump and fill tanks.

Just as with the last time we needed laundry and hookups, back at Desert Trails before heading into Mexico, the laundry became something of a snafu. Last time it was because the park threatened to turn all the water off on the very day we needed to do the laundry. This time, it was more sinister: some problem with the washer, or maybe some substance left there by the previous user, ruined an entire load. One of my shirts, one of our bedsheets, and lots of our underwear now have a permanent brown pattern imprinted upon them, matching the pattern of holes in the washer drum.

We've been to the desk several times now to complain and get some kind of reimbursement. So far, all that has yielded is a refund of the $1.50 we spent in the washer (the first time -- we ran the same load back through another washer three times to try to remove the stains, without results). The park is trying to shunt the issue over to the laundry machine service company, and, as always, there is a "not responsible for damage" sign in the room. Considering the value of the items is probably in the neighborhood of a couple hundred bucks, not to mention the hassle of having to traipse all over creation replacing the variety of items, I feel the least Beaudry can do is comp us our ~$140 stay.

Monday evening we ate in the little restaurant that is part of the complex, which has changed hands since last we were here. The former "Beer Bottoms Bistro" had a more extensive and robust menu than the current occupant, "Montgomery's Grill." Still, the food was OK and it was certainly convenient.

Yesterday we rode the scooter up to the hills and had a nice lunch-time visit with our friends. On our way back in to the massive Beaudry complex we stopped at the Camping World store to update some of our directories, replace a broken tray table for our outside chairs, and look at mattresses to replace our now sagging three-year old model, also from Camping World.

By the time we got back and fixed dinner, I was feeling like we really did not get much enjoyment out of our "resort" stay here, and we decided to extend an extra day, for a departure tomorrow. That left today open to call local "Mobile Massage" therapist Cathy Meacham, who has a sign and some business cards in the campground lobby, to come over and give us massages. My shoulder and the surrounding muscles are still a wreck from having pulled something back at the Cocopah casino, and I have been looking for a massage joint ever since.

I've just gotten finished, and Louise is on the table now. I can heartily recommend Cathy, who did an excellent job working on my problem areas. Since we don't have enough room in Odyssey for the massage table (apparently, rigs with slides don't have this problem), she had to work outside under the awning. A bit tricky dealing with the modesty issues, but actually quite relaxing in the gentle, arid breeze with temperatures in the 80's. I'm quite rubbery now, if a bit greasy as well.

Tomorrow morning we will head out, but, at this writing, I'm not certain in which direction. We have friends in Sierra Vista, and we might drop by if they are in town. Alternatively, we may head due south to Nogales, and back into Mexico.


  1. Sean, A laundromat in Yuma wrote me a $48 check to replace underwear and shirts when the water softener company changed tanks during my rinse cycle. An RV resort should be at least that responsible. Good luck.


  2. Hello Sean and Louise, I've been reading your website for a couple of months and look forward to each new entry.

    Sorry to hear about the clothes, that's why we bought a stackable for the new RV (2008 Monaco Dynasty, 42 ft, 4 slides), I like my own machines.

    Your rig is very intriguing and you have done a beautiful job with it.

    Anyway, if we are ever in the same place I will certainly come over and say hello.

    Mark in Palm Springs, CA

  3. i can't be the only one who keeps reading the title as "robbery in tucson", am i?


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