Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Familiar surroundings

We are at Galveston Island State Park (map), just a couple dozen yards from where we stayed back in October. On that stay, we sprang the extra $5 per night for a "premium" space, meaning in the row closest to the beach. We parked backwards so that we would have a gulf view from our front windows. Somewhere in the middle of that stay, we realized that parking in the second row would mean we wouldn't have to dos-si-dos the bus to get the view (or haul out the giant 50-amp extension cord to plug in), it would save us $5 a night, and we'd have mostly the same view, just with some other rigs in the picture.

The scooter rally ended mid-day Sunday. But after some of our new friends invited us for a delicious lunch at their ultra-cute Airstream "Basecamp" toy hauler and then plied us with wine, we decided that driving the bus over to the state park was not in our best interests. Instead we bargained with the proprietors of the Jamaica Beach RV Park for another night in the grass, which set us back $15. At least, for that, I got to use the pool and hot tub one more time.

Yesterday we trundled down here, all of about a mile or so. It's been relatively cool, in the 70's, and very windy, so swimming in the gulf is out of the question. Still, it is beautiful and serene here. We had a pleasant dinner last night at Nate's Steak and Seafood, on the other side of Jamaica Beach, and Sunday Night we were at Waterman's, at Pirate's Cove. Both very different atmospheres than the hustle and bustle of the Galveston strand.

Today we are lining up visits with friends in Beaumont and Channelview, which will dictate our departure schedule. At this writing, we are booked here in the park only until tomorrow.

When we are done here in southeast Texas, we will head south to Corpus Christi for some maintenance as well as some relaxation in somewhat warmer climes, then head west to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico for more cheap diesel before heading north through the rockies, en route to the Escapade in Gillette, Wyoming in late June.

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