Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Red Mountain Pass

Yesterday, Sean said, "Words fail to describe the raw beauty of the San Juan mountains." Unfortunately, I don't think my little Canon PowerShot SD400 captured it very well, either. It just doesn't have the depth of field to handle the deep canyons, towering cliffs, and range of spectacular colors found on Red Mountain Pass.

Nevertheless, I filmed it as best I could. The video is mostly from Silverton to Ouray, CO on U.S. Highway 550. This is the narrowest and curviest part of the San Juan Skyway. Watch for how the exposed rock changes from yellow to red to brown to green to gray to purple. Try to ignore the dead bugs on the windshield and George's ear in the frame.

If you're an RVer, you may notice how small the shoulder is on both sides: either a sheer rock face to kiss your paint job or a dizzying drop off to keep your lane position honest. The road is challenging, but not frightening and I hope you have a chance to drive it yourself and see how truly beautiful it is.


  1. Louise,
    Great video, I like the addition of the puppy ear. My kind of road. I am looking forward to having my Cityliner on the road but is a ways off as it looks like the Odyssey did in Sumner. It still has the skin on but not much else. It is kind of like Christmas at home, with boxes marked Honda, Trace, Webasto, etc.


  2. I always appreciate when you post videos of your unique lifestyle. That tunnel through the rock at the end was cool.

  3. We stayed at the top of Cumbres pass (wonderful boondocking) and used it as a base to explore the Durango and Silverton area. Jamie rode his bike up to Silverton (though, not from Chama :)). The Million dollar highway is amazing. We were there in August and September and it was cold then too.

  4. love the video! thank you!

  5. Wow! That was great, Thanks!


  6. Just discovered your blog (via Unclutterer) Got you on my Google Reader now, for regular updates! What a great lifestyle you two have! I've always dreamed of taking a year off to go RVing around North America. That video of the road along the mountain pass...oy! That one spot with the sheer drop-off...yipes! If you ever make it to Canada, stop by Ottawa! You'll love it here.


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