Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yippee Ti Yi Yo

We are in Laramie, Wyoming, at (can you guess?) Wal-Mart (map).

We had a great visit with our friends Beth and Flash, and managed to get away with parking on the street in front of their house for two nights in RV-unfriendly Fort Collins. (No map link, of course, for privacy reasons.) The last time we stayed with them was Halloween of '04 (just before we started recording everything here in the blog), and we had some catcalls from drunk university students staggering out of parties, as well as one plaintive "Take me with you!". This visit was quiet -- the university is on summer session.

We had a lovely drive up US287 yesterday. I had hoped to boondock somewhere along the way, but we found no accessible public lands along that stretch, despite it being some pretty open country. We ended up coming all the way here to Laramie, where our directory indicated a few options. The city park downtown, adjacent to the old railroad depot, was our first choice, but it seems that the large vehicle parking got eliminated during the last restoration project. Too bad, as there looked to be some nice dining options there. After hunting around a bit more, we fell back on the old standby, but, like many of the enormous new Wal-Mart supercenters, this one is pretty far from town. At least the drive here took us past the university, which was interesting to see.

We were off the road pretty early, because I had some work to do on a Red Cross project due today. While we were sitting here plugging away at our keyboards, Brian, of RV Boondocking the Good Life, knocked on the door. They were heading back home to Colorado and had stopped here for some supplies (apparently, there is a soft drink brand available here but not there) when they spotted Odyssey and decided to say hello. It was very nice meeting you, Brian and Heidi.

I just wrapped up my project about an hour ago, and we dropped in to the store to grab some groceries. This afternoon we'll continue rolling north on 287 toward Medicine Bow. Our next schedule stop is the Flying-J in Casper, where we will need to fuel up.


  1. We took that route last year and I too was surprised that there was no boondocking. We ended up in Laramie as well, which was disappointing for a university town. Apparently it made some "best places" list, but I was surprised to see how depressed and boring it looked.

    Hey, when you fuel up, let us know what your total is. I want to feel better about our fuel ups!

  2. Brian emailed me that he met you guys...can't wait till I have a chance to as well. How's the weather up there?

  3. Wow liveworkdream! Ouch!
    "Hey, when you fuel up, let us know what your total is. I want to feel better about our fuel ups!"

    I know it wasn't meant to be mean, but as a charter bus company owner who has buses that hold as much fuel as the "Odyssey" and have to fuel them probably twice to three times as much as Sean & Louise do. That comment hurt! Sunday night I fueled one bus that had a half tank of fuel in it already. And it took $483.00 for a half tank. And that was for a 1 night run! So yes fuel prices are really killing those of us that depend on it to make a living. Especially when customers are complaining left & right about higher prices or possible fuel surcharges (which we get hit with left and right on all purchases & utility bills lately!

    And sorry to rant and rave, but I just needed to vent somewhere were folks might understand seeing that I know high fuel costs are affecting everyone operating large vehicles, buses, rv's etc. and who else but your readers knows this better? Have a great day! ;D BK ;D


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