Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Last day in Gillette

We are still in Gillette, in the same spot behind K-Mart (map) where we planted ourselves on the way in to the Escapade. We finally finished presenting our Red Cross training Monday night.

We were the last rig left in the Reata campground (really just an enormous field with some power panels sprinkled around and water run in above-ground pipes) late yesterday morning. As we packed up the hot tub, patio furniture, and scooters, the Cam-Plex staff was mowing the field all around us. We were paid through noon, though, and we held firm until then, when we rolled out and headed over to the dump station.

Dillon, Alex and Dawson enjoy the 80-degree tub. Louise baby-sat while their grandparents and Sean taught a class.

Our next stop is Devil's Tower, and we certainly could have made it there yesterday. But Louise had a Red Cross class to teach last night by teleconference, and we were concerned that cell service might be too spotty there, so we decided to stay here in town one more night. Additionally, we need to restock our supplies, and between the K-Mart and Wal-Mart we should find everything we need.

After we're done shopping this morning, we'll roll right across the street to the Flying-J. We still have over half a tank, but Gillette has the cheapest diesel in the country right now, at $4.439, and so we'll fill the tank up to the 325 gallon mark. That will also give us roughly a 1,900-mile range in case we get deployed to any disasters, although Bertha's current track projection shows it heading into the North Atlantic without threatening the US. (Bermuda, however, will likely not be so lucky -- the projection has Bertha hitting it dead center Sunday morning.)

We're heading into the store now, and I expect we'll be at Devil's Tower early this afternoon.

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