Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Slow rolling

We are at the Tishomingo State Park,
adjacent to the Natchez Trace Parkway and near Tishomingo, Mississippi (map).

We have really been enjoying the parkway, taking it very slowly and stopping at many of the points of interest, which has made for very low mileage days. Yesterday we did about 110 miles, and we arrived here right at sundown, having left Jeff Busby around 1pm. Stops yesterday included a nature walk at the remains of a Chickasaw village, and the Tupelo headquarters and visitor center. The exhibits at this latter stop seemed unfamiliar, even though I know we stopped here in 2005; I think perhaps they have renovated it.

In stark contrast to the free campgrounds on the parkway, which have been mostly full, only three sites out of 62 were occupied here last night. $16 includes water and electricity, and we were happy to top off the batteries and not have to burn any diesel for heat this morning -- it's been dropping into the 30s at night. This park has a direct access road from the parkway, making it a convenient interim stop between Jeff Busby and Merriwether Lewis, where we expect to be tonight.

This is a large park, and we would love to take the scooters out and explore a little. The RV sites are along the lake, in the section of the park north of the Trace. The southern section has cabins, a lodge, a seasonal swimming pool, and some large group areas. It's just starting to rain, though, and the forecast says it will continue to rain all day, so we will likely just move along.


  1. Sean & Louise as I said in the earlier comments, ya'll are welcome any time at our place. We now have 2 30 AMP connections at the shop, plenty of room and some free time.
    By the way I will be going over to a place just off the Trace (Cumberland City, / Erin, TN) near Dover, TN this morning (leaving in about an hour around 9AM) to return a coach (a beatiful SETRA S417 I have been using in our charter service and working on for the owner). You are more than welcome to drop in if you wish. "BK"

  2. Oh and by the way we are about 162 miles or about 3.5 hrs from you almost straight north!

    Oh yeah and before long "The I-69 Project" Will own this place! The TNDOT people are meeting with our landlord this AM, and were supposes to have met with us too. But mom re-scheduled it as her and dad had to leave out on aa "Smokie Mountain Tour" this AM for 4 days.

  3. Bryce,

    Just catching up on comments here. Thanks, as always, for the invite. And we did think long and hard about swinging by to say hello and also have a whack at the leaking coolant hose, which probably requires the tranny cooler to be dismounted and moved away from the block.

    In the end, though, it was just a bit too far out of our way -- 300 miles, which for us is two days and 50 gallons of fuel.

    We'll definitely stop in, though, next time we get a bit closer to you.


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